Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oil Painting: Sprouting Red Onion

Title: Sprouting Red Onion
Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Size: 20" x 10"
by: Mark Granlund

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio One Year Anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the opening of Jack-in-the-Pulpit Studio.  It has been a fun year!

 Many classes in watercolor, botanical art and drawing have been offered.  There also were a few workshops and an oil painting class. I would like to thank everyone who has taken a class here at "the Pulpit."  I have enjoyed meeting each of you and I thank you for not only sharing your art talents, but also your lives.  Classes continue with the current round of classes beginning tomorrow night.  Check them out here.

I also have enjoyed having a well lit and spacious studio for my own painting.  It is the best studio space I have ever had -- and I am painting more because of it.  You can check out my most recent oil paintings at my personal website:

I am looking forward to this next year.  I have mostly promoted the classes through word-of-mouth and hope the Pulpit will slowly grow as a place where people can learn a solid understanding of how to create art and also have an opportunity to take the ol' creativity-car out for a spin.

My hope is that there will be some big changes this second year with the studio teaching space moving to the house next door to mine.  I am in the process of buying the property and am excited to have a separate space just for classes -- plus it will be really cute when I'm done.

I am also hoping to announce a project I am working on with World Without Genocide.  But I will wait until we hear about a grant we applied for.

Thank you all for your support!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Art Thought: To Sketch or Not to Sketch?

Someone asked me yesterday if I sketch out my paintings first?

My answer was "no" because we were talking about oil paintings.  I do not sketch out my oil paintings ahead of time but sketch as I go, drawing one or two shapes, blocking them in, drawing the next couple of shapes, blocking them in, etc. until the entire composition is complete.  Of course, with oil paint, you can change things as you go.

For my botanicals I do several studies first and sketch the final detailed composition on the watercolor paper. For general watercolors, I do a combination of the two styles, sketching out  large parts of the composition with my watercolor brush and a neutral color before beginning to block in areas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oil Painting: Breakfast Plate

Title: Breakfast Plate
Medium:  Oil Painting on Canvas
Size: 18" x 24"