Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oil Painting: Stir Fry Painting - Part 1

Stir fry painting?  Oh jeez, what is he painting now?  

This is the first stage of a painting of stir fried vegetables in a wok.  It is a painting/illustration for the story Harvest Dinner from The Book of Bartholomew.  The story publishes in eight days, so I am working feverishly to get this painting done, along with a couple other drawings of food.

Why is he always painting food?

Harvest Dinner is a story of harvesting some food from a garden and making a dinner.  There is a menu for the meal and it is this that I am illustrating. I got together with Amy Sippl and her husband Greg to have dinner.  Amy cooked the menu from the story and then I took pictures and we ate.  I did bring some garlic and onion fried yams.  It is always pleasant getting together with them.  If you want to read some of Amy's writing about food, go to her own blog:

I will show additional stages of the painting and share how I am making it as it develops.
Be well and eat good food,